The Band

Samurai Fly is a rock band from Durham Region providing live entertainment for corporate and private parties, clubs and pubs and other festivities requiring live music. We perform a big songbook of modern and classic rock and pop standards from the past 4 decades and what’s currently getting airplay now.

Our History

Tony Roehrig and Randy Yurko have been playing together for over a decade. Tony’s bands have played most of the big venues from Kingston to Barrie and Toronto over the last 20 years. Randy was a professional musician touring with Shania Twain back when she was just starting out and then helped to build Felony, one of the most successful regional bands around back in the 80’s.

The boys happened on a great vocal talent , Scott Green, who’s been playing the local entertainment scene previously with Lateshift and Elliot’s Basement. The guys liked the vibe so they decided to take it out on the road as Samurai Fly.

In the spring of 2018, Samurai Fly landed new bass player Steve Smiley. With exceptional complimentary vocals and melodic, solid back bone bass riffs, Steve delivers the finishing touches the band has come to rely on and rounds out the tunes they all love to play.

Reviews & Reception

The band has been told time and again that they have a very diverse choice of songs that cater to a vast array of musical tastes and age groups. All recognizable, all danceable, you can find everything from hard rock to pop and country.

Tony and Scott are masters on the guitars when it comes to filling in the sonic void between the vocals and rhythm section without muddying up the middle. This is a real talent, especially in large spaces like fair grounds and really big halls.  By the way, Tony’s quite the shredder for the guitar enthusiasts in the audience – he always seems to draw a crowd that way 😉

Add Steve’s  melodic rhythm’s on bass and Randy’s relentless driving beat to keep the pocket groove moving and the band rounds out as a solid musical foursome.

Some of the most rewarding feedback comes from other musicians who recognize the ability of the band to play off each other, creating and interacting with structures and rhythms that are totally organic to that moment. There are no out of control egos, either – everyone’s playing to draw out the best in each other which often creates an electrifying experience for those on stage as well as the audience.

And, if you listen to the live shows, then you’ll hear the audience singing to just about every song with an enthusiasm that speaks to the great time that they’re all having – we all have to be doing something right.


Scott Green
Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar


Tony Roehrig
Lead Guitar

Steve Smiley
Bass, Vocals


Randy Yurko
Drums Percussion & vocals

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